Bootstrap 3

Bootstrap 3 RC1

Yep its here! The Bootstrap 3 (RC1) Toolkit! The fine folks at Bootstrap have made some major changes to the UI components by implementing a more flat look, changes to the grid layout, as wll as some new UI components.

It was recently posted that 1% of the web runs on Bootstrap. No doubt that Bootstrap 3 will be as popular. Every UI element from the Bootstrap 3 site has been recreated as vector images for you to use in your designs. This means that you can easily manipulate the size of the elements as well as the text in buttons, etc.

We answered some questions about this latest toolkit in a blog post.

Bootstrap has become a very popular framework. Seems like there is some new site every day built with it. But if you are a designer that cannot code html and css, how are you designing these apps? 

This is why I created Now savvy designers can use these toolkits to design apps where the developers are using Bootstrap. 

If you have any questions, take a look at the FAQ page!

Zoom in and take a peak at what you will get with this toolkit.

See a toolkit in action (Foundation)