Getting Started

The Pages Panel

How does this thing work anyway?

Once you have downloaded your toolkit, simply unzip the Fireworks PNG and open it in Adobe Fireworks.

Fireworks Toolkits are all organized in the Pages panel.

To open the Pages panel, from the top menu, click Window > Pages.

You should see something similar to the screenshot on the left.

Some of the pages are purely there for orgnaizational purposes. Others contain the toolkit components.

I did my best to group the individual components so that it would be easy to select with the pointer tool, (the black pointer), copy and paste over to your new document. 

When resizing, I would suggest ungrouping and using the subselection tool, (the white pointer), to select the sides or area that you want to resize. Then, using the arrows on your keyboard expanding to the size that you need.

If you have any questions, use any of the methods mentioned on the contact page to get a hold of me. I'm happy to help!