Why Fireworks Toolkits are Frikin' Awesome

Fireworks Toolkits were made to assist designers in creating user interfaces for projects where the developers are using a specific application framework. Take a look at Bootstrap, thousands of developers across the world are using it to create some awesome web applications and sites. But if you are a designer working on that team, it will be hard to design for without having to recreate all of those ui components. Fireworks Toolkits has made it simple and easy to design for these frameworks. Take a look at the benefits.

Save some time

Do not waste time on the implementation of the same components. Use your time to develop new ideas and style.

Design what will be built

Because you are using the exact UI for the framework that your developers are using, it will become the blueprint or your app or site.

Customize if you like

If you are going to tweak the components have at it! This is Fireworks, you can make anything look however you want.

Not just similar

We have taken the time to recreate each component so that it looks just like its coded counterpart.

Resize em' how you like

All ui components are vector images, making it easy to resize and manipulate however you like.

Get your ideas out faster

The UI is done, which allows you to spend more time solving design problems and coming up with better ideas.

No need for magic

Your design will represent real the framework being used by the developers, no need for magic.

Developers will love you

Developers will love that you are giving them a complete design. It limits the need for questions like, "How the @#$@ am I supposed to make that?"

Sit back and relax

When your designs are done, you can be sure that they will be built they way you designed them. The boss will be happy and so will your users.


When the frameworks update, so do the toolkits! For now, all updates within their version will be free. If you bought 2.0, 2.3's update is free. I am still figuring out if major versions will be free or not. It all depends on how difficult it is to recreate the ui.