Bootstrap 3 (RC1) Toolkit is out!

Howdy everyone! Our latest Fireworks Toolkit is out! It’s the latest from Bootstrap, version 3 release candidate 1.

I am sure that a lot of you have questions. I will try and address them here, if you have any others, feel free to email me

  1. Can I upgrade to Bootstrap 3 if I purchased a previous version? ANSWER: yes, I will send a newsletter out tonight to previous buyers, who will get a 50% discount to upgrade.
  2. Why not make it free to previous buyers? ANSWER: There were a lot of changes from 2.3.1 to 3. There was a lot of work envolved in porting it over. I decided a while ago that if there was a lot of work to be done, then I would have to charge for it.
  3. Why are you still making these things? ANSWER: Cause Fireworks is awesome!! It will be a while before a lot of us completely stop using it. As long as I am using it, I will be making toolkits.
  4. If this is RC1, what will happen when other versions come out? ANSWER: All upgrades from RC1 up will be free. I am assuming that there could be some additions.
  5. It looks like some things are missing from 2.3.1 to 3, WTH? ANSWER: Yes, there are some things missing. No more multicolored badges, among other things. When I create the toolkit, I go by the pages on the Bootstrap site, if it is not there, then I do not make it.

I hope that answers some of the questions that you all may have!

Keep making awesome stuff!

Bootstrap 2.3.1

It’s about time right?! The Bootsrtap toolkit has now been updated to reflect the latest version of Bootstrap, 2.3.1! It took me longer that I wanted, more for a lack of time than anything else.

Here is a list of what the differences are from 2.1 to 2.3.1. This list is also available in the toolkit itself.

Typography – small text, italics, emphasis classes, inline text
Tables – warning table row
Forms – search form modification, multiple select box, button dropdown, segmented dropdown, invalid inputs, info validation style
Buttons – fourth button size
Glyphicons – star button with multiple sizes
Dropdowns – disabled menu, drop up, left submenu
Button Groups – vertical button group now has icons like the example
Navbar – shows dropdowns
Pagination – sizes, pager text changed, from next to newer
Media Object – new component
Misc – all 3 well sizes
Dropdowns – made more like the example
Carousel – added the dot pager to the top right

If you have purchased 2.1 before, you will be getting an email shortly with a link to the updated toolkit. Yes, this is a free update!

Purchasing for the first time? 2.3.1 is what you will be getting.

Did you purchase a bundle? You too will be getting an update email in the next day or so.



Bootstrap Extras

Today Fireworks Toolkits launches something that for me, is what makes our toolkits better than any other. Introducing Bootstrap Extras. There are a lot of really cool components that have been created for Bootstrap. A lot of them can be found on the Bootstrap Hero website. Now you can utilize some of those components in your designs!

There are many more Extras out there, which only means more toolkits to be made.

So head on over to the Bootstrap Extras page and take a look at some of the components.

New site means new stuff …

Welcome to the new It is actually the third version of the website. Fourth if you count when the site was

I have had a lot of ideas as to where I would like to take the toolkits site. It’s hard to pull things off when your site is static html and css. So something had to be done.

The first step was to change up the site. Expect lots of updates to happen from here on. As you may know, Both Bootstrap and Foundation released new versions of their frameworks. That means toolkit updates! If you purchased one of these toolkits, you will get notified via email when the new kits are ready. I sure I will post something here and on Twitter as well.

There is a lot more in the works. I don’t want to get you all excited about things just yet, so keep an eye out and be patient, it will happen sooner than you think!

Also … I really suck at stuff like spelling. If there is a mistake, just let me know!