The toolkits

Like most people, I was pretty excited about Twitter Bootstrap when it was released. I started playing with it right away and was amazed at how quickly I could build a user interface. There are some designers out there like myself who can use html and css without a problem, but there are many more that cannot. I started to think about this, and wondered how those designers could create designs for frameworks like Bootstrap? They would have to recreate each ui component. I knew that I could recreate the generated ui with Adobe Fireworks. So that's exactly what I did. It makes the design process for those frameworks easier than ever before, saving designers the time it would take to recreate them on their own. Currently there are 5 Toolkits: Bootstrap, Foundation, Ratchet, Flatstrap and Groundwork. There are many more to come.

The Designer

Some say a little off ...

I have been creating and making stuff in some way my whole life, with many mediums. When I was little, it was legos. As I got older, the guitar and now the web. (I have never stopped playing with legos or guitars!)

I have been using Adobe Fireworks since version 2. I love how easy it is to create user interfaces with it. It is by far the best tool for designing web applications and sites.

You can see a lot of my work (all done in Fireworks) in my portfolio here: http://portfolio.gradykelly.com

When I am not creating something for myself or others, I enjoy time with my family. My wonderful wife Michelle, who understands me best, and our 4 kids, Aylish, Maeve, Liam and Rhoswyn.